Manufactures Plastic Oral Syringes Or Oral Dispensers In China

Shengshide offers oral syringes and accessories for oral medication administration.

The oral dispenser (oral syringe) handles oral medication delivery. It is available in 10 mL, 5 mL, 3 mL and 1 mL sizes, the oral dispenser is designed to meet the demanding needs of safety, ease of use and accuracy of dose.

a full ranges of oral syringes

The oral dispensers set includes one needleless syringe and one press-in adapter ...

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picture (image) of taper-plastic-scoop.jpg
Taper Plastic Scoops

picture (image) of baby-oral-syringes-plastic-dispensers-s.jpg
The Safest 5ml Plastic Baby Oral Syringes (Oral Dispensers)

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Plastic Dispensing Syringes With Yellow Curved Tips For Dental Clinic

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60ml Large Plastic Oral Syringes

Mothers Were Responsible For Overdosing For Baby? Or A Spoon ?

Doctors are urging parents to ditch the spoon in favor of an oral syringe to measure medicine for young children, arguing that using spoons often leads to giving too little — or worse yet — too much of a good thing. In fact, too much of a good thing can make people sick ......
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Plastic Types for Pharmaceutical Vials and Bottles

Plastic is an essential component of numerous consumer products, including prescription vials, bottles and caps. However, not every kind of plastic is the same ......
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